Monday, November 30, 2009

Starter Jacket by Add-2

not a whole lot to say but check this one out.

this is the sonic equivalent of growing up on the South Side of Chicago.

Add-2 is such a powerful and talented MC and artist. google this nigga immediately. Get familiar. Find all his mixtapes. I am an avid fan of this cat and I've been blessed to have him spit on my album back when. Check him out.

Now peep "Starter Jacket" by Add-2

Official Add-2 "Starter Jacket" video by PreciseMinds/Tori Boyd from Add-2 on Vimeo.


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esther a.i. said...

i really love his style ... lupe-ish i dare say but i'm sure i'm not the first. I <3 the song too, made me really nostalgic