Thursday, October 15, 2009

Every Revolution Needs a Soundtrack- George Watsky

For those that don’t know…

I'm really feeling this song/video. It's by a cat named George Watsky and featuring a singer named Passion. I met George at Brave New Voices Poetry Slam 2008. He's a pretty tight poet and he's coming out with an album titled "Watsky". Not sure if the album is gonna be totally hip-hop or what the angle is but from the sounds of this song I'm definitely looking to hear more. He's originally from The Bay Area but now he's going to school at Emerson in Boston. He sounds like a more intelligent Asher Roth (no shots). They're voices are kinda similar (and they look alike, white, skinny, etc.) but I def prefer Watsky's style.

He's been on Def Poetry, won national poetry slams, blah blah blah. I'm glad to see him doing his thing. Props.

Hopefully now you know a lil’ something more…


1 comment:

ashley rhae. said...

yay this makes me happy.
the song will be my ringtone. some how, some way. mad props.