Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Marshall Plan: A Renewal of community through culture

For those that don’t know…

The Marshall Plan (in the historical sense) was a nifty little (little as in like 13 billion in late 1940s cake) program that worked to rehabilitate the countries of Western Europe (and Turkey) in the aftermath of World War II. Basically what it did was pour American resources into those countries in hopes to stop the spread of communism throughout Europe.

(This is a quick and very dirty version of the history but I invite you to read more: I’m a wiki-freak but it’s great place to start finding information about anything you don’t know much about. And I know it’s not always reliable, but do you think these whitefolks book are either?! I mean, really?)

So I, Nate Marshall, don’t got no change to throw into the vending machine of the world with hopes of extracting results (or a snack), but I have this blog. I don’t care about the spread of communism but I am worried about a word of the same root, community. I am concerned with the welfare and rehabilitation of the communities that I inhabit and am a part of in this world. The West Pullman/Roseland Area of Chicago (Home to the Derrion Albert murder), Those communities are the Far South Side of Chicago, the South Side of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Middle Tennessee, Tennessee, America, Black America, Young Black America, Young Black Male America, and whatever else applies.

Through this blog I’m gonna provide links, information, and insights that I think can be helpful to the healing of any and all of these communities. I feel pressed to do something and however small this is perhaps it can be a start to something greater. There will be music, politics, commentary, art, maybe some fashion, wikipedia links, and plenty of other things so come through for the ride folks. It might be an interesting one, and if not I tried.

Hopefully now you know a lil’ something more…


Stay tuned...

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