Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fwd: Monday, July 12, 2010 4:55 PM London Time- London Heathrow Airport

Broke is universal. Earlier today I was trying to buy some VitaminWater and sushi. Can't front a nigga was very pleased with himself, feeling all cosmopolitan and all that but then that young card got declined TWICE and I got that sinking feeling you get where you leave school in high school during lunch because you don't have the dollar 85 that day.  I put the food back and sat in this big waiting area.

Eventually after a long nap I went to the cash machine, which showed a whopping 0.00 USD in the coffers. So yeah, a brother would've been sweating but there's no room for that. Being broke in high school wasn't bad, sometimes it was kind of fun. Putting change together with Lamar to cop a croissant wasn't terrible. It made us closer and it made the sadness of the situation less than it was. Even in college, I have friends and frat if I ever really REALLY need it. But I'm in London. I don't know these folks. I think I'd be thrilled to see a GD right now…or even a Chicago Police officer. Something familiar. Haha.

But anyway I called my pops from a phone that inexplicably took my card (My account has plenty in it, I just think BofA may be holding funds since the charges are from so far away). Facebook even makes you verify it's you when you sign in from another country. Haha. But I expect the thing to be figured out soon. No worries.

I hate when moms are right but I did end up eating some of those Skittle she gave me. I haven't had candy in months but after you try to be bohemian or whatever and that doesn't work you just want some Skittles, or a hot pickle with a peppermint inside, or some Doritos with nacho cheese and ground beef. Something they used to have at the candy stores in neighborhood basements that you grew up going to (shout out to Terrell's Store). That's all for now.

"i guess poverty breeds the most creative shit"

-mikkey halsted




Anonymous said...

taste the rainbow, son.
glad you're somewhere safe. take pictures.

Netta J. said...

Mmmm... Definitely feeling the Doritos and nacho cheese with ground beef. So good, haha. Makes me remember walking home from high school and riding the King Drive CTA bus. But anyway, hope you enjoy Cape Town. I went to Ghana almost 4 years ago and I must say, Heathrow was hands down the most expensive area on the trip, ha. Hope that gives you some... Hope.