Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 10:29 PM Cape Town Time- UCT Dorms

Finally made it to Cape Town. As we were flying in the sun was rising and it reminded me of a conversation. The day before Vandy's graduation I ran into my Black Masculinity professor and we talked about going to South Africa. He raved about how beautiful the country was and how it would change my life. I remember one thing he said was to be sure and get a view of the country as you are landing. It really is quite dope. When we were walking out of the airport I saw a dude carrying a small DJ case with stickers all over it. He was also wearing some t-shirt that I can't remember other than that it was very hip-hop. It's always nice to see heads. It kinda made me sad that I was rocking what I was (straw fedora, Vandy hoodie) because I know dude didn't recognize me at all. The world speaks hip-hop though, that makes me feel good.

On the road to UCT we passed the townships with the little aluminum houses. That was a little crazy. In a way they kind of remind of the old Chicago high rises except they built out instead of up. I know things are different everywhere but they're kind of the same too. On the outside walls of the townships there was some ill graffiti. I hope I'm able to track down some of the writers whose names Kevin Coval gave me. It would be very dope to get plugged into the hip-hop community here.

Being in this big group makes me feel two things, very American and very not. I'm one of the only black males in the group (who's surprised?) and yet I'm still American. I wonder how I register to people walking down the street. I wonder if I was walking alone would they see a black man or an American? Does this work for or against me? We'll find out I suppose.

I'm looking forward to classes starting so that we can have a chance to interact with South African students. The other American students are mad cool but I want to see what this country has to offer. The only South Africans we've met are our RAs. They're pretty cool though and they're our age. Haven't had a chance to really level with any of them though. In due time.

I'm jetlagged as that thang though. I'll write again tomorrow. All good for the now.

"I'm taking over the world and it's so far, so good."





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