Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010 12:52 AM Cape Town Time- My Dorm (LBG)

Today was good. Finally moved into my actual dorm room. I like it decent. I'm on a lower floor, which is good because I don't have too many stairs. The set up is a single room and a shared flat. So we have two bathrooms (1 with a shower and 1 with a tub and a kitchen to share). For my Vandy people you can think Tower Suite but with all singles. There are two Americans in the flat and two regular students. Met one of the African students. His name is Rider and he's from the Free State. He's pretty cool. We watched a few episodes of the Boondocks and talked about house music and listened to Rick Ross and Kanye.

 It's kind of crazy to me about the amount of American, specifically African-American culture that the black people here consume. I've had at least a few conversations where the way I am able to best differentiate my frat from the white fraternities (which they understand to be basically a drinking buddy) is to reference the movie Stomp the Yard and then tell some personal stories about my experience. Anyway I really like him. We also had a conversation about the whole race thing here. I told him about the one-drop rule and all that and he explained to me more about the coloured and black and all that. Apparently I would probably be mostly black but possibly mixed with coloured. Oh so many thoughts about race and all of that. Too much for now…

Also had a good conversation with one of the sub-wardens. Sub-wardens are like RAs or Head Residents in America. She was cool. We also talked about race, fraternities, and our future plans. It's interesting to see how many Africans from other countries come to South Africa specifically for school. The sub-warden was from Botswana.

We also had a cookout, which they call a brie (sp?). Had lamb meat, which was good as hell! My dorm has a basketball team, I may join.

Hung with some American friends tonight. Didn't do much but order pizza (missing Giordano's) which was not great. The friends are both girls from Georgetown but they live with two guys in their flat. One is very quiet and doesn't drink or anything and is very Christian. The other was passed out by about 10:30 from drinking 80% alcohol. It was really interesting but the two guys got along fine with each other. That flat will probably produce some great stories. I think we're going to the Cape Peninsula tomorrow morning. Sleep for now. More writing later.

"alphas step, omegas step, kappas step, sigmas step…"

-kanye west



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Lilo said...

I don't eat red meat too much, but lamb is my favorite of them all.

btw, I really enjoy reading these posts. Can't wait to hear more.