Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010 11:55 PM Cape Town Time- My Dorm (LBG)

Today was cool. We went on a bus tour of Cape Town all day. It was pretty interesting. Saw some of downtown. Also saw where they used to sell slaves. We went to a reserve where there were a ton of penguins. We also drove all around the waterfront. The ocean is so crazy beautiful here. We were with other study abroad students besides our group. That was interesting, some of the kids were cool, some sucked. Oh well.

We had lunch at a community center in a coloured township named Ocean View. It was kind of strange. The people were very welcoming but there was a weird vibe to it. After we finished eating the kids from the center performed for us. They did a ton of singing and dancing. They did some Motown, Michael Jackson, original stuff, hip-hop, and a lot of stuff. The older kids who were breakdancing were actually quite dope b-boys. Seeing the impact of American culture and also hip-hop is very cool and it shows that America needs to set a better example to the world. We really are an entertainment capital. And we produced Britney Spears. We need to apologize.

The director of the center talked to us before the performance and asked that if anyone had gifts for the center to bring them up and she also told us that we could talk to her about sponsoring children at the center. That was very strange. Though I know that's the way the world works and its effectively no different than me performing at a poetry fundraiser for Louder Than a Bomb it just seemed almost like a live-action Feed the Children commercial or something (no diss, that's just what I thought of). On the bulletin boards at the center they also had newspaper clippings about the different legal things that happened to create the township during apartheid. That seemed pretty crazy but in a way I guess it's no different than us having info about slavery up. Just a thought.

We went to the Cape of Good Hope after that. It was really beautiful. The country really is beautiful. We saw ostriches too, which are pretty cool. I didn't get to see a baboon though, which is my favorite animal. Afterwards I went grocery shopping and then chilled. All in all  it was a good day. Nothing too striking today in terms of deep thought and all that. Just a nice day.

"today was like one of those fly dreams"

-ice cube



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Stitch said...

a baboon yo???
thats your favorite animal???
learn something every day