Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010, 11:30 PM Cape Town Time- My Dorm (LBG)

Today we went on a township tour. This was pretty interesting. The concept of the tour at all is kind of crazy to me. It's kind of like if foreigners and rich people wanted to take tours through Englewood or Roseland. Weird. Anyway it was cool. We went to a community center and the kids played the drums for us. We took pictures outside the center and a few other places and each time people from the community (mostly kids) hopped into the picture with us. It was kind of funny but a little odd.

We went through a few different townships, both coloured and black. It was crazy to see the difference in the places. Even though they would border each other, some of the black and coloured townships were just totally different. The coloured townships were always a little nicer and had streets that were wider (though they weren't in great condition either). I am glad that we got to see the differences between the way resources were allotted in that system though.

We ate at a place in a black township called Gugulethu. The place was really good and it was a bed & breakfast. The man who ran it had a really interesting story about how he literally built the place from the ground up. His business partner who was a white guy seemed a little sketchy to me. The way he characterized the community and everything was a little too idealistic but I suppose it was that good for him because he was there as a result of a capitalist venture and not because a racist system forced him to be.

We saw some monuments in the townships as well for various freedom fighters. Those were cool but it was a little weird how they were kind of just in the midst of things, like one was right in front of a gas station. I don't know.

We didn't have class today because it was Women's Day also. Other than that tour I just relaxed some. It was a good day. Some things to think about.

Also I'm in this Track-Off thing for the Chicago RedEye. Hopefully my group (Daily Lyrical Product) will get the win. We'll see in about 7 hours. Damn time difference.

"so let me be your tour guide, so when you in a certain area you will know what that hood ride"

-d.a. smart


(this quote is from a classic Chicago gangsta hip-hop song called "walk wit me". this is like the audio version of a Chi version of a township tour. check it.)




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