Sunday, August 1, 2010

on the eve of losing one’s hair

So in case you don't hear me mention this in a lot of my writing already, I'm losing my hair. Not terribly bad but it's definitely noticeable. I'm actually fine with it. I think my mom and sister's had more trouble with it than me cause last year they kept trying to get me to use Rogaine but I digress. I would simply like to take this time to reflect on things I should have done with a full head of hair…

1. Locks

Always liked the style but felt like it wouldn't work for me. Wish I would've given these a try. Say sometime around junior year of high school. I could've been all poetic and what not. Like a baby Billy Tuggle. Ah well

2. Braids

I actually had braids when I was like 12 or 13. Perhaps I should've kept them longer until about freshmen year of high school. Would they have made me a better basketball player? No. But I sure would've looked cooler while sitting on the bench.

3. Bald

Yeah. I should've done this. It would've been nice for it to be a fashion statement rather than a reality. I probably could've done this Summer '08 right after Brave New Voices and claimed it was some type of artistic recentering (or some artsy bullshit like that). Yeah, that woulda been tight.

4. Fro'hawk

Yes it's a dumb hairstyle that I don't think black people should really do. But hell, guess I should've made bad decisions while they were still possible.

5. That Kanye West shaggy weird thing

Actually…no. That junk is still ugly. That fool be looking homeless with jewelry.

6. That Maxwell/Old Musiq/Lenny Kravitz nappy fro thing

This I think might've been tight. I could've rocked it like freshman year at Vandy and came in looking very afrocentric. Then when Spring 2009 came around I wouldn't have looked so crazy (if you were there you remember). Then I could've came out at my probate all fresh cut and it would've been a more drastic change. Yeah.


Those are all I can think of right now. But word to the wise. Appreciate the things you have. And don't be afraid to try new things. You never know when you won't have the option anymore. 

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