Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010, 10:52 AM Cape Town Time- My Dorm (LBG)

Hola journal. It's been a minute. Haven't written the past two days. Reason is somewhere between not having much to say and also not having time. Doing this as the last thing in your day can be hard when your days are long. Friday not too much happened. I went to a mall. It must be something in me that is very American but I really loved that mall. It was pretty and it was huge. It legitimately might be the best mall I've ever been to. There's also a Kodak store AND an Apple store in the mall so I plan to go back and try to find a cord for my camera and get the disk drive on my computer fixed. That means I may end up posting pictures sometime soon.

Other than that I've actually found myself missing some things about the states. Not missing per se but doing that rap thing on Thursday made me really feel like I want to travel and perform more in America. It's something that is really hard for me because I go to school away from home and I'm so involved there but it's something that I at least want to try to be more active in. I really do love performance and to go somewhere and get up in front of a new crowd is an amazing feeling.

Saturday I pretty much lazed around all day except I went to a going away dinner for a friend who is in my study abroad program but has to leave for personal reasons.  That was decent. Nothing else big.

I'm struggling with thinking about the things I want to bring back for people as souvenirs. Ah well. I've got like four more months to figure it out.

"and when i come in the mall and then i start to roam, you wouldnt think its a store, you would think its my home."

-biz markie



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